News 2008



Bitch puppy by FinW-07 Sofus Footlights, out of Funny Girl Of Black Mirage who has just left us. I wish her new owner many happy moments with this black baby !!


21.12.08 Vilnius, Lithuania

FinW-07 Sofus Footlights CC, Cacib, BOB & BIG1 !!

The breed- & group judge was Mr Cristian Vantu from Romania.

13.12.08 Helsinki, Finnish Winner Show

My old-boy-Elton, Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage, delighted us by winning BOB, BOB-veteran, BIS4-veteran and can now add one more title, FINNISH WINNER 2008, to his long list of titles.
He had his 10th birthday couple of days ago, so I think this is quite a big win for a dog of his age.

Bleper’s Yabba-Dabba Doo won Junior class, and got the title FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER 2008.
Elton’s daughter, Int Ch Shavian No Mercy, won Champion class, Best Bitch and Cacib and she can also hold the new title, FINNISH WINNER 2008 !!

Photo: Nina Putkuri

The breed judge was Mr Tord Lundborg, kennel Line Sam, from Sweden.

29.11.08 Sillamae, Estonia

Int Ch Shavian Cosa Nostra’s 10 months old son Black Fantom Invariably In Black was BOB-junior & BOB & BIG4. Congratulations to his breeder & owner Marina Grigorieva !!



We like to present you Elton’s son Usemade Expect Some Fun. We have found him maybe the best male puppy by Elton in Finland. Is he the one who can follow his father’s footsteps in the show ring or are the boots too big to fill in ? Time will tell…..


Today I received a confirmation from FCI – Ch. Shavian No Mercy is officially INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!

01.11.08 Lahti.

Ch Shavian No Mercy BOB and W-07 JW-07 Sofus Footlights CC & BOS.

The breedjudge was Mrs Merja Ylhäinen.

01.11.08 Lahti puppy show

Our miniature dachshund “Sedu” Mini Golf Zedex was in his first puppy show and the result was just great – BOB- & BIG1 puppy !!! Mini Golf Baguette was 2nd best bitch puppy. The breed- and group judge was Mr Unto Timonen.



Let me introduce you our new sunshine “Veikka” Hot Or What du Domaine d’Haïsha (Charbonnel Dutch Touch – Elisa du Domaine d’Haïsha).

He arrived today and has already stolen our hearts with his very outgoing & loving temperament. He is co-owned with Kati Salo, kennel Two Pine’s.

19.10.08 Hyvinkää, Finnish Spaniel Club’s Annual Speciality.


Judge Mr Andrew Jones, UK, kennel Shenmore, veteran classes was judged by Mr Rui Goncalves, Portugal, kennel Vianset.
142 cockers entered, almost 600 dogs totally.

Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage 4th best male, BOB- & BIS4 veteran. He had also BOB- & BIS2 progeny group.
Ch Shavian No Mercy won the champion class and ended up as 2nd best bitch.
Our sweet little Yabba – Bleper’s Yabba-Dabba Doo was in her first show at the age of 9 months and she won a big junior class (16 entries).

BOB and finally also BIS was XXL’s young son, Great Escape I’m With Stupid – congratulations to his breeder and owner !!!

Bleper’s Yabba-Dabba Doo

XXL Of Black Mirage

BIS2-progeny group



Funny Girl Of Black Mirage gave birth to 5 strong puppies on October 13th. More info here.



I received today lovely photos of Shavian Four Bells owner kennel Francini’s, Italy. Four is spending some holidays in France in Séverine Cottebrune’s, kennel Of Merrily, much caring home. Thank you Séverine for these photos.

07.09.08 St.Petersburg, Russia.


FinW-07 Sofus Footlights CC, Cacib. Shavian Bitch Is Back CC, res-cacib.

30.08.08 Porvoo


Shavian Dark Diamond owner Kaisa Mutikainen, gained his first CC and was also best male.

The breed judge was Mrs Elena Ruskovaara. Congratulations Kaisa & Tarmo!!




FINW-07 Shavian No Mercy passed the working ability test, and now she can hold the title INT*&FIN&S&EST&LV CH !!! *) needs FCI’s confirmation.

16.08.08 Kouvola


FINW-07 Shavian No Mercy BOB & BIG3
Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage BOS & BOB-veteran.

The breed judge was Mrs Kirsti Louhi and group was judged by Mrs Natalja Nekrosiene from Lithuania.

03.08.08 Kuopio int.


FinW-07 Shavian No Mercy cacib & BOB.
Her father Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage BOS & BOB-veteran.

The breed judge was Mrs Inga Siil from Estonia.

Shavian No Mercy and XXL Of Black Mirage in Kuopio



FINW-07 Sofus Footlights passed the working ability test.

13.07.08 Karjaa


Shavian Bitch Is Back BOB & BIG2 !!

The breed judge was cocker specialist Teija Poikolainen-Däuber (kennel Crawford) and group was taken by another cocker specialist Merja Järnstedt (kennel Norvale).

13.07.08 Oulu


FinW-07 Shavian No Mercy was BOS.

The breed judge was Rouli Kantzou from Greece. Thanks Vesku !!

29.06.08 Järvenpää


Shavian No Mercy BOB & BIG1
Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage 2nd best dog, BOB-veteran & BIS2 veteran

The breed- & group judge was Ms Leila Kärkäs. BIS-veteran was judged by Mrs Diana Fenton from Australia.

28.06.08 Järvenpää


Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage BOB & BOB-veteran
Shavian No Mercy was 2nd best bitch.

The breed judge was Mrs Diana Fenton from Australia.

21.06.08 Rovaniemi int.


Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage 2nd best dog, BOB veteran & BIS1-veteran !!
Shavian Bitch Is Back best bitch & cacib.
Shavian No Mercy 3rd in the best bitch class.

The breed judge was Mr Jo Schepers from The Netherlands and BIS veterans was judged by Mrs Martha Heine from Germany.

20.06.08 Gällivare int, Sweden


Int Ch Fashion Show Of Black Mirage was 2nd best dog and gained CC -> Swedish Champion
Shavian No Mercy best bitch & CC & Cacib.

The breed judge was Mr Igor Selimovic from Croatia.

15.06.08 Kotka int.


Int Ch XXL Of Black Mirage BOS, BOB-veteran & BIS3 veteran
Shavian No Mercy 2nd best bitch & cacib.

The breed judge was Mr Tino Pehar from Croatia. My sincere thanks goes to Ms Sanna Vartiainen who was handling Elton in the BIS veteran competition..

14.06.08 Forssa int.

Shavian No Mercy was best bitch with cacib. She was also BOB and 3rd in the group.

The breed judge was Ms Marjo Jaakkola (Benton welsh springers) and group was judged by Mrs Anja Puumala, kennel Leavenworth.

07.06.08 Kellokoski, Cocker Spaniel Club’s Annual Show


Old-boy Elton was the one who again made my day – he was 2nd best dog and BIS veteran. He had also BIS progeny group.
Our breeders group was 2nd.

Congratulations to Elton’s kids as they took BIS & BOS puppy titles. The puppies and males was judged by Mr Michael Gadsby (Afterglow).


13.4.08 St.Petersburg, Russia


Fin Ch Fashion Show Of Black Mirage was on the road again, and with fantastic result – CC -> Rus Ch, Cacib -> Int Ch after FCI’s confirmation and BOB.

The breed judge was Mr Piotr Krol from Poland.
This time Diego was handled by my friend Mari, thanks, You made my day !!


24.03.08 Lappeenranta int.


Our sweet little Renttu – Trend Vom Golf, 10 months old dachshund, was today in his second official show and the result was just brilliant – he won junior class with Excellent, he was best dog with CC and ended up as Best Of Opposite Sex.

Bravo Renttu, bravo. Sincere thanks goes to his co-owners Vesa & Juha who kindly took him to the show today and Vesa was handling him close to perfection. The breed judge was Mrs Lisbeth Campbell from Norway.


Let me show you


how Two Pine’s Trionfo D’amore has matured. She is by Int Ch Francini’s Encanto Latino. Not bad, not bad at all…. Proud breeder & owner kennel Two Pine’s.


26.01.08 Trencin int., Slovakia


Shavian As Promised owner Petr Studenik Exc.1, CAJC & BOB !!!

The breed judge was M.Stanovský. Congratulations Petr & Fin.

06.01.08 Kajaani int.


Shavian No Mercy Cacib & BOS.
Her litter sister Shavian Bitch Is Back 3rd Best bitch & CC.

The breed judge was Mr Theo Leenen from Belgium.

May I introduce you Shavian As Promised


owner Petr Studenik, kennel Black Petrs. “Fin” is Optigen PRA-prcd Normal/Clear and he has A hips.